Chaotic Catharsis for Tiggs?

After reading this entry by Tiggspanther I thought to spend a few minutes to write about a catharsis method.. I haven’t actually tried it yet (started to once, but got a phone call) It’s from the ‘moving into ectasy book’.
PS: Tiggs, can I have your postal address please?

Here are some of my favourite tools to help express yourself.

The first exercise involves ‘chaotic breathing’, which helps to break up the rigid thinking patterns of the rational brain as well as activating primal emotions. It is a powerful but perfectly safe process, which creates chaos so as to jolt you out of your stuckness and wake you up.

Make syre you are in private space with nothing to bump into, perhaps have some cushions handy. If you can, put some music on, preferably something with a chaotic rhythm, either tribal or rock; you can also do this without music but it helps a little. And blow your nose before you start!

Stand with you feet hip-width apart so you have a strong base, soften your knees and keep the rest of the body relaxed and close your eyes.
Start breathing in and out of the nose rapidly, allowing the breath to go deep into your chest – make sure the shoulders, arms and neck stay relaxed.

Allow the breath to be chaotic – NOT a steady rhythm! Some breaths are short, others are long, some slow, some fast….KEEP CHANGING THE RHYTHM! Be as chaotic as you can. As the intensity builds up, you will find that your whole body starts to move too. You can help the chaotic breathing by using your arms like bellows but remember to keep relaxed and keep the knees soft and bouncy.

Keep going for at least 5 minutes, preferably 10. You may feel as if you are ‘losing your mind’… that’s great, welcome the feeling!

When the intensity has built up quite high, just let go! Allow yourself to go crazy – scream, shout, cry, laugh, let the sounds come out. Use physical movements to express your emotions – punch a cushion, roll around on the floor, shake – keep moving! If this is not possible because of neighbours, then keep the sounds quiet but allow the energy to be expressed through your movements.

Keep going for about 10 minutes or until you feel empty.

Lie down in still.


Well, it might work..?

In other news:
One thing I LOVE about revision time is the intense REM dreams!!