Me in a newsletter: help please!

I’ve been asked to fill in profile for the payroll news letter. This is my chance to
(a) vent my insanity
(b) be original
(c) sound arrogant and pretentious
(d) throughly embaress myself

I have been feeling hyperactive today, and there is a terrible temptation to try and be ‘funny’ and/or ‘clever’, which will probably end up on the wrong side of weird.

Mostly the questions are ‘favourite meal’ and so on, but there are a few I could really do with help, or suggestions on.

* If you could be taken back to a moment in history what would it be? <--- this one I would actually like to know where other people would like to go * Who should play you in the film of your life story?( <---I have particular problems with this one, my knowledge of actors is pathetic! suggestions!) * Describe yourself in 3 words? (I'm tempted to just say "not a number" but I don't know if they would get that. eccentric? open-minded? flakey?) * What do you think is your best quality? ("curious") * And your worst? ("sometimes too curious…”)
* If you had to compare yourself to a cartoon character, which one would it be?
* If you had to compare yourself to a type of weather, what would it be?
* Do you get Sunday evening blues, and how do you cure them? <---- again, would be interested in hearing other's answers to this -------------