today’s art

she is hungry. For some reason i got it into my head that mermaids actually *eat* the sailors they lure…(I don’t know where THAT came from)

relaxing, slowly starving, engaged in a fantasy..I’m not really sure.

A Taste for Life

Toasted sesame seeds. Coriander. Basil. Thai, Pesto, Sizzle, Aroma….. cinnamon. Seasoning, dressing, and a thousand things to do with eggs. mmmm..

I have spent a good part of today thinking about food. This is entirely the fault of Iain-the-Chef, who I met randomly on the train a couple of weeks back. We met up monday evening for more chatting and a couple of drinks.

In which I prove it really is good to talk: What I learnt about life by listening to a Chef