Grow game

this game is exactly what I needed to feed my mind in it’s current odd state.

I’ve managed to get everything apart from the robot maxed out, including the egg which hatches into a very cute blob.

There is a logic it, somewhere…

edit: done it!! woooo!! finally, a sense of achievement!! woo! I can go to bed now… 😉


I think moods and thoughts ARE tied up with seasons, more so if you spend time outside paying attention to them

It is still light when I leave work!! This amazes me in itself and fills me with joy, when I realise that at last:- winter is going and spring is all around me.

Enough of all this musing and consideration. Time for action! All throughout today I keep remembering many little things I need to do, and want to start doing. Main task is to get ‘travel plans’ from insubstanial and wisftul to something real and growing. I think spring time does bring a lot of enthusiasm, and it’s time I did something with it and left winter behind.

light levels and mood

One thing coming up in the future is a trip to glastonbury tor to watch the sunrise, with Malaika and Rachel. We are going on 20th March, which also happens to be the vernal equinox. Hopefully there will be many ‘interesting’ people there 🙂 If nothing else, it is an excuse for a girly day of chatting, chocolate cake in cafes, and wandering about some crazy shops.


Swallowed by Life?

Something he said to me that has stuck in my mind is “Don’t let life swallow you. It is very easy to do, so watch out.
Phuzzi: What did he mean by that, or at least what do you think he meant? (Not being accusatory or derogatory, genuinely interested).

hmm! I love being asked questions. It really helps to bring things into relief for me. I am not sure exactly what *he* meant, I will ask him next time. Asking someone “what do -you think- he meant” is actually a wonderful question, since it brings it much closer to home, and gets me to pause a moment and inspect things.

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