A question of attraction


Lately, I am very much in a ‘questioning myself and other people’ mood. This is in a curious, ready-to-listen, trying to learn way; rather than an angry or ‘I have a point to prove’ way. Generally, my mind is pondering over gender, women, dichotomies and society-roles at the moment, ( although really I am pondering about who *I* am ) . I will write about this soon once I’ve listened and gathered some more. (thanks for your comments on the androgyny test, it’s all helping!)

I’ve asked myself the questions below, and of course I am really interested in your answers to any or all of these . Interpret the questions in any way you like.
main questions:

1. What do you find attractive about men?

2. What do you find attractive about women?

3. What do you find attractive about people?

other things that came to mind:

4. What do you find attractive about yourself and/or when do you feel attractive?

5. What do you find unattractive?

6. Has your criteria for what’s attractive changed over time, and if so, in what way?

my answers