Creativity with food


Being taken out for dinner is always nice, but actually what I enjoy even more than that is someone preparing food for me at home. Actually for me creating with food, especially if it combines healthyness and taste, is one of my love activities. It doesn’t have to be an effort either. Last night Jeff discovered the concept of “baking” – and that actually putting thing in the oven is easy (especially if it is ready made Marks and Spencers food). Even with this though you can add extra creativity. In the last month I have been enjoying being artful with food, especially raw vegetables, having fun mixing different colours and layouts. Jeff tells me it is like magic the way I make these beautiful plates of food appear, and last night he had fun creating himself, arranging the carrots and salad with a nice form and colour. Being surprised with this was brilliant! The enjoyment of the visuals, and the extra care that had gone into the food was really good. If you pay to go to a posh restaurant a lot of what makes te food appear better is how it has been arranged on the plate. Well – turns out you dont need to be a posh chef to have fun with this. Easy way to have extra enjoyment in life – and you can do it for yourself as well. I keep a range of raw veg in the fridge and will chop up bits of them to make a satisfying colourful salad in less than 5min.

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