right, with a few hours to go till deadline, I’ve got the rough draft printed out and ready to read through. (I’ve found that my printer has an ‘uber-economy-student-mode’ hidden away in a series of secret menus. Not only does it use 50% less ink by missing out every other line, but it also gives you suitable ‘dot matrix’ style sound while

I’m still feeling happy so far this year, despite the continuing deadline work. I can’t wait till I hand this bastard in and get to relax! and sleep!

I’ve also got the 2nd half of fushugi yugi on it’s way from singapore… altogether the whole series has now cost me £45 – on VCD. It’s actually official, and the quality about the standard of VHS, so I’m happy 🙂

Oh, I got sent some birthday money from one of my cousins in Ireland – in Euros! I’m not kidding when I say I thought I’d been given book tokens or something for the first couple of minutes. They look almost as much like monopoly cash as dollar bills 😉

I’m not too sure what to do with them though. Should I keep them for a while and hope the pound falls lots against them, keep them till I go on holiday, or just try and spend them in Alldays to buy a bar of chocolate.. (as far as I know, shops here are obliged to accept Euro’s now, even if it’s not our official currency.)

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