Expand your mind

Imagine what it is like to experience a colour for sound or number.


In other news, I have begun going to the gym. Today I can feel muscle ache. Very -specific- muscle ache though, so those torture machine things are obviously doing their job.

Have started researching for my next essay and third year project – just been reading Motivation of Human and Animal behaviour stuff by Lorenz… drives and interal releasing mechanisms. He’s got some quite interesting stuff to say on puberty, may try and summarize.

Fushugi Yugi is great fun, and a wonderful distraction – and finally have developing ideas for a manga with Zak. We actually agree on a lot of stuff, other than on the subject of monkey use.

A question : If you’d managed to create a big swirly quantum-teleportation-wormhole thingy, and you’d already tested it by sending a buggy with a camera through, would you do anything else before sending people in? I reckon is obligatory to send some sort of monkey (Rhesus?) in, to see what it does to living tissue. And you might as well stick brain probes, heart monitors and such stuff on it as well, just to make sure.[1] Zak reckons this is just sick, but is almost willing to let a lawyer be sent through as a test subject instead. I still want my monkey though. I can draw monkeys.. <:) [1] this sort of thinking is what happens when psychology students and very strict ethics commitees combine... 😉

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  1. Trivia

    The new game from Sega/UGA, Rez (ask ) features the word ‘synaesthesia’ quite heavily in its advertising, and actually incorporates it in the game to an extent (the sound directly influences the visuals, and vice versa).

    Interesting concept if nothing else 🙂

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