Today was a great day

I finally happened across a campus based rosemary bush.


no more need to buy over-priced clingfilm wrapped sprigs from the supermarket – now I can start using rosemary in ALL my cooking ^_^

Other than that, the day was fresh and clear and windy. Made me feel just great and refreshed – especially after going to the gym. Consequently, much work-stuff has been done today, and I’m about to stop and relax and watch fushugi yugi.

(I wonder if you can make rosemary stock?)

ah, recipe:

Lemon and Rosemary chicken
* fry cut up bits of chicken and sprigs of rosemary
* Pour in mixture of : 1 pint half strength chicken stock + grated zest and juice of a lemon + 2 tbsps(ish) runny honey (+ dried rosemary if you like)
* Add mushroom here if required
* Let simmer for a while and enjoy smell of rosemary and lemon
* Use cornflour to thicken what’s left of juice into a sauce
* Serve with pasta

VERY tasty, and quite rich so you don’t need lots. 🙂

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