Just went to speak with Dave Earle, dean of undergraduate studies for the psychology department. He informed that the university has one scholorship to give to a student (generally in their penultimate year) to help send them to British Association for the Advancement of Science‘s “Fesitival of Science” this year.

Each science school gets to nominate one person. No guesses who psychology/computing want to put forward! *grin!*

It’s quite an honour really, regardless of whether or not the university panel choses me. (I’ll have to go and burble at them for a 10minute interview some point..) Apparently tutors and lecturers etc put forward someone they think is good. Presumably my proactiveness with talking to the lecturers lots has paid off!

Seriously though, this makes me really pleased. For a long time I’ve felt fairly bitter about how the education system works; those who genuinally are interested and original get overshadowed by the ones who can cram and spurt text-book facts. With out wishing to sound immodest, part of me feels I deserve this kind of recognition after years of being overlooked 🙂 (hell, I’m not going to get many chances to feel good about myself academically, might as well make the most of it!)

If I do get the scholoraship, it’s not much of an amazing thing in itself – I still have to get myself to the festival and pay for accomodation etc. Which reminds me: does anyone live in leicester and wouldn’t mind a visitor september ish perhaps?

5 thoughts on “Recognition!”

  1. Wow 🙂

    Sounds fantastic 🙂 i’m really pleased for you. So much for A-level “we’re not interested in what you think, only how much crap you can remember” biology 😉

    I hope you get the scholarship (although even if you don’t it doesn’t really matter, as you said, it’s still a pretty amazing honour :))

    Oh and by the way, Leicester isn’t all that far from Birmingham ( about an hour on the train) and you’re welcome here any time :).

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