Purpose of female orgasms?

Rachel has just informed me (mid revision cram) that the field of ‘Adaptive Behaviour’ (psychology) has still not decided whether female orgasms serve any adaptive purpose.

It’s quite an interesting question. Since:

  • Not having an orgasm /doesn’t/ stop women from initiating sex, and more importantly:
  • Not having an orgasm -certainly- doesn’t stop conception

It reminds me of the time Marc told me about some guy in the ‘evolutionary psychology’ lecture giving his wonderful opinion that “orgasms in women are a social pressure, since everyone else is having one so they decide to have orgasms too..” ( I can’t believe he said that in a predominately female course..)

But still.. it’s got me thinking now. Probably a little bit too much, and almost certainly in a ‘I feel like I’ve been up all night because my brain hurts’ way.

I mean, yeah, once you -have- an orgasm it’s kinda an incentive to have sex again. But there are still a good proportion of women who ‘don’t know if they’ve ever had one’ (=no) and an even greater proportion of men who don’t have a clue. (hint: be a lesbian)

..in which case, assuming it’s possible to get *more* orgasms from homosexuality (or self-manipulation, or use of toys which -don’t- go floppy) (note: I’m **really** brain fried so this train of thought is derailed and probably flying away by now) then if *anything*, female orgasms have an anti-adaptive purpose… (since if they’re that good, and you don’t need men (in fact it’s better not to) then why bother with the whole mating-for-kids thing in the first place??)

As I said to Rachel “It’s just one of those things god put there to make things fair” (which brings into question thoughts of higher power which I REALLY am not going to touch on right now..)

So yeah. Evolution theory and female orgasms? Any idea? (over to you)

4 thoughts on “Purpose of female orgasms?”

  1. The fact that they are (apparently) so elusive means women will try lots of partners searching for someone who can produce them consistently, which means they have more genetic diversity in their children. That’s my guess anyway ;>~

    1. I also came up up the physiological reason once you’ld posted:

      Since we come form the same mass of generic cells during pregency, all the nerves and things that cause it for men would be in women as well. It’s like men have nipples, they don’t -do- anything, the’re just part of the generic human makeup.

      Anyway, that’s that point of view anyway.

      (Side Note: I Cannot Be Harmed By Such Mortal Weapons!)

  2. Hmm…. I kinda talked about this kind of thing with a male friend yesterday- why men get turned on/sexually satisfied more easily than women. We figured it was something to with basic genetic need ie. men are trying to spread their seed as much as they can, where as women are looking for the best/strongest man to give them the healthiest children and so are more picky. So the greater amount of general sexual drive among men is why men orgasm more? But as to why women have them so little or indeed at all? Well, if you take the fact that women don’t always/often orgasm, then they’re going to be less sex-crazy than men, which will help with the whole “find the best man” rather than “find any man” thing. Hence women pick men they think will give them sexual satisfaction/stronger children and /voila/ have stronger kids, the weaker men don’t pass on their seed and the human race survives! Hooray! However I though Rachel’s fairness theory was nicer 🙂

    1. that was -my- fairness theory! 🙂

      and really interesting comments, thank you! I’d comment but my brain is frazzled right now (please leave a message and I’ll get back to you..beeeop.)

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