“He was drifting in and out of sanity, but in every other way, he was fine”

Last night I was the female younger brother of a bizarrely cyber-tech hillbilly family. They put me in a wedding dress for my older brother’s birthday, but I knew they were planning on killing me the next morning.

So I ran away on a plane, and fell a few hundred feet into a meadow river. That’s where I met death. He didn’t have a stereotypical skull face, but one which was grey and smoothly androgenous but yet very old. Death grabbed me by the shoulders and told me of three important things to remember in life. (not so much to get to heaven, but to get anywhere?)

I can only remember two of them; and one doesn’t make the dreaming-to-real transition smoothly.

Firstly, a vaguely karmic idea of balance between doing to others what you would like done unto you.
The third one was something about being true to your inner self. This is the one that’s fading fast. Something like needing to not act hypocritically to yourself, doing things the way you believe, never living a lie. Like that, but more profound.
I’ll be damned if I can remember the second one.

After that there was an angel with me, although (s)he didn’t have wings until the moment I jumped from a roof top escaping from the evil family. He had a hat like scifox though. We kept running, down paths and into squashed up Escher-towns made from bits of memory and imagination.

I rode on a steel canal-house-boat that ran on a rail high above the city, and looked at a sunset I’d never been able to see before. I think I was a young girl by this point, and the angel was possibly a soft toy.

I can’t remember how it finished, but that dream was even more bizzare than the one wednesday night about the vampire conspiracies and the raven-in-a-bag. (and the intense music festival of goth and trance and transvestites)

Like I said before, REM sleep is good. 🙂

(must do more intense revising I feel)

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