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You know all my recent ponderings and questions and such on gender, sexuality and so on? Well, I have really enjoyed listening , and thank you for you input because it has helped me a lot, given me some points of reference outside my own limited view.

Well, today Mark-In-Japan popped on AIM and handed me a link to a page which basically sums the whole thing up for me. Most of the things there I have considered before, but that page kinda puts its altogether a bit more concisely than I could.

a couple of added comments/highlights
“Your gender is a focus point for your consciousness grounding you in nature through the powerful force of sex and procreation. Your sexual qualities are a part of you, they do not define you.”
While I can see that your identity should not be constrained by cultural gender concepts, I DON’T follow that this means we should become all asethetic (sp?) gender neutral abstract entities. For me, my biological gender IS important in that its part of my body, and my body is what keeps me -grounded- and where all these things come together. Being a woman is not so much defining me, but an expression of me and in some way the main focus-gronding point between hazy mental trains of thought and the physical reality. I don’t think it healthy to deny your body. There is something else I know about this which I can’t put into words yet…

..its somewhere in this (rather interesting if controversial) passage though.

In the west we think that live in a such a liberal and open culture where we see sex everywhere blatantly displayed and worshiped. Yet in reality we are sexually excessive while at the same time being gender repressed. We are psychologically trapped by our cultures limiting gender expectations and
classifications. In a truly liberal culture there would be far less homosexuality and lesbianism, far less debasement and denigration of human sexuality and far less loveless sex. In a gender liberal culture a person would be accorded respect and acceptance as an individual first and as a male or female individual second. This type of gender freedom would create a variety of role model options for each gender to identify with, so that the majority of people could begin to live genuinely and without self reproach or recrimination and without having to either deny nor exaggerate their inherent psychological traits and qualities.

I have to admitt that I do have mixed feelings about homosexuality (in theory more than practice?). It’s not that I think it’s BAD in itself, but more I take issue the often-implied tennant that “(simply by virtue of the fact we are gay, it means) our love has transcended the classic boundaries of gender! ” when actually I don’t think that follows at all. I think there are just as many problems and entrappments and repressions going on in what seems so often to be potrayed as “a people liberated!”.–(edit: stupid stupid stupid girl!!! what are you saying! I will leave the rest in tho) Straight people, gay people, bi people, whatever, I think everyone has to learn about accepting and loving the person ‘within’ the body/perceptions/assumptions. This includes YOU as well as someone else.

doo be do de dum…. 🙂

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  1. Hmm. As for your struck-out paragraph: actually I rather agree with you! The “liberation” of homosexuals is very much relative: the entire Gay Pride thing is of course a defiance of a persistent cultural discomfort.

    Not that we haven’t earned our party—it’s been fantastic progress so far, and I suppose that the current situation is an inevitable stepping-stone to the far shore of gender liberty.

    1. I know what you both mean – the problem with defiance is that it always seems to end up a little bit forced, and an individual is often so busy reacting against something that they end up not being themselves anyway. The other problem is that it is very difficult to criticise them without being accused of being part of that “evil majority” that forced them to react in the first place. I’ve been places where any criticism of a certain minority group, even if they might benefit from hearing it, has been labelled as prejudice. Yay for tolerance and the middle ground 🙂

  2. I hope this wasn’t written by a friend of yours….

    (I apologize Catkin, I was hoping I could be more …thoughtful in my commentary, but after re-reading some sections, I really think this ….grrr. Sorry, just read on)

    …because alot of it is BUNK. When was this written, 1983?? No, the copyright at the bottom says 2000-2004. It sounds like some of the garbage I was hearing in the 1980’s.

    Huh. Okay then…

    At the dawn of civilization when the human species was forming the ego it adopted a certain attitude towards Nature which involved creating a psychological distance and separation between the human ego and Nature.
    All the talk about humans separating themselves from nature? Name one eastern philosophy or religion that wasn’t based on the self and interactions with nature? Taoism, her highly touted Yoga, Feng Shui, the Gods themselves…take your pick. Native America’s religions were also based on relations between man and nature. Druidry and Witchcraft were also nature based (until they were almost stamped out).

    In a truly liberal culture there would be far less homosexuality and lesbianism, far less debasement and denigration of human sexuality and far less loveless sex.
    Actually, I see it as just the opposite. Because we are such an open and sexually tolerant culture (more so than many thers), ‘alternative’ sexual lifestyles are more visible. In cultures where there is less (or no) tolerance, gay and lesbian relationships exist, they are just still in the closet, afraid of the daylight. Here, there is so much freedom of ‘expression’ that gay couples can walk down most streets hand in hand with little fear of more than an disgusted look. Just look at today’s headlines and you’ll see gay rights being pushed, not headlines about a shushed up forbidden relationship that was recently exposed. (I think I’m making the right point there….maybe.)

    In a gender liberal culture a person would be accorded respect and acceptance as an individual first and as a male or female individual second.
    In America, this is mostly true. To some extent, and to give the writer credit, there is still a bias against women in some types of work. However, I think the writer is over-empahsizing this. At my workplace, from supervisor on up, it is along the lines of 3:2 (women:men). And you know what? I can only think of one of them that I don’t think belongs in her position. Heck, I’m fairly sure that in 2008 we will have our first female president. I’d prefer it was Condoleezza Rice (sp?) than Hilary Clinton, but I don’t think I’ll get my way on this one…

    Also, the fact is that everywhere in nature, roles are divided between the sexes. Insects, mammals, birds – they all have roles played out along sexual lines: food gathering/hunting, nesting, protecting the herd, nurturing, building, etc. The lines blur when there is a lack of one sex – the other will pick up the slack. In an extreme case, frogs have been known to actually switch genders where there is a gender missing. Disturbing, but interesting.

    Your interests, your abilities, your talents, your loves, all define your person hood, when these abilities and interests are culturally inhibited because they may be psychologically associated with the opposite sex, then the steady psychological ground on which you stand and hold an idea of who you are shifts uncontrollably beneath you. Many people in this circumstance panic and act out temperamentally in a desperate attempt to hold on to their genuine selves. This is why some homosexuals and lesbians live in emotional disequilibrium and why they may sometimes mock and over effect the characteristics of the opposite sex.

    The last sentence I believe is referring to being a ‘flaming’ homosexual. Yes/no?
    So in effect all gays, lesbians, and those repressing their inner selves are all ‘acting out’ against their culture and inhibiting their own emotional/sexual developement? Those that are gay/lesbian would be ‘straight’ if only society would stop making them act out and/or repress their inner selves?

    I’m going to stop here before I find my power saw and rip several large holes in this.

  3. I look forward to the day when gender (whether you have one at all and which one it is) becomes a lifestyle/fashion choice. Though I have no particular desire to experiment myself, I anticipate great amusement at the bewilderment and horror of assorted religious and sexist types as progress washes away some more of the foundations of their belief systems.

  4. gender and sexuality

    “We are psychologically trapped by our cultures limiting gender expectations”
    I think that people find love on a different level then gender, and that gender has become defined by society as a seperation from the have dicks and have not dicks and expect people from one group to act and react a certain- and the other “gender” has to act and react another way, but both groups have to stay within those lines- cant we clame a third gender a third reaction and set of reactions that are not defined by anything other than emotion?

  5. Hmmm… “less homosexuality and lesbianism”? I can only see that working if it’s from the point of view that virtually everyone will be bisexual…

    As for your crossed-out bit… I agree, though coming from the everyone-is-that-bad direction. “Our love has transcended X-boundaries!” always seemed to be quite a popular theme to me, for all combinations of gender/species/other.

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