After much deliberation on the inner mysteries of the universe..

I have come the conclusion that:-

1. when you really think about it, sex is just far too silly and embarressing an thing to do unless you love someone (or are really very fit in an attractive sense, or are getting money out of it) : thus is the extent of my moral code re:relationaships as far as I can discern. I need to get a fucking religion to tell me what I’m supposed to be thinking.[1]
2. Also : I really need a Life again. Or maybe one of them mobile phones with a digital camera and mp3 player built in that can play video, because ofcourse, consumerism gives us more purpose than we have money to spend or time to waste.
3. first i could do with more sleep. Definitely more sleep. what with my dreams being so undisturbing and all.
4. a strong drink and a cigarette would also be most welcome, along with any other chemicals that would just **obliterate** my brain. I mean, why do i even bother?
5. Actually an ice cream sundae with a really big curly straw would be better than all of that, especially if it has a sparkler in it. But most of all, by far the biggest and most pressing question is :

🙂 about sums it up right now. Sense of humour. woo.

[1] buddhism is out of the question because it says “NO!! ATTACHMENTS!! BAD!” while taoism seems to just go “well,whatever, as long as you don’t think you really know what you’re talking about” and most of the other things, including science, tell me it’s all just a big sodding illusion anyway, in one form or another.

12 thoughts on “After much deliberation on the inner mysteries of the universe..”

  1. Sex yes. I agree. I wouldn’t go as far to say as sex _is_ love, but damn as near it. One comes with the other. And love should conquer all fear. So no-one should be frightened of sex, as long as they realise.

    Yay for semi-sensible waffle!


    1. *hug*
      thank you, and I like what you say about love conquering fear 🙂

      i suspect more people are frightened of sex than we might realise, even the ones who do it lots

    1. hee hee, thanks. I’ve needed to post something like THIS for AGES.

      the dog thing comes from the fact, that one thing I’ve always always wanted is a dog, and I was told as a child I could get one when I’d grown up, and had a job an so on. Whatever else i do with my life, it’s going to need space for a DOG. priority number one!

      I do love huskies and any kind of dog that looks a bit like a wolf in that fluffy sense. (see here for my tenerife love. But really the kinds of dogs I really like are the medium sized mixed up mongrel sorts, with pointed ears and great personality – the ones that just seem to epitmise “dog”.

  2. Aaah, I suspect you mean love in the wider sense as aposed to merely the couple-sense? I could get into an analogy about the combinations of loves and techniques like flavours, but then I’d get into metaphors about sexual banquettes, and then I’d get both hungry and horney.

    Answer for 6: Once you have everything else, and you can call him Cherry, as in “on top”.

    1. umm.. I’m not sure what i meant to be honest. still a bit confused on that whole area.

      as to being a cherry, no, in terms of the dessert-of-my-life, I’m afraid the dog will be more fundamental ingredient, like the chocolate ice-cream. I’m not sure what would count as the wafer yet.

  3. Bad thought.

    I need to eat dinner before I have Ice Cream! *Bad daddy, Bad* Of course, that is unless you’re from my family’s lineage who thinks that chocolate is one of the basic four food groups (the others being meat, pasta/rice and vegetables).

    sex is just far too silly and embarressing an thing to do unless you love someone
    Or unless you are extremely horny. Desire can also make this “embarassing” act more …normal? *grimace* Uhm, let’s say reasonable.

    Ah, to be a teenager again…*sigh* NO, wait. I disliked 90% of my teenage-ish stuff. College, ah to be…No. *tap, tap* Nah, I’ll just stick with Now and be done with it.

    (*I’m not trying to be random, but its the latent affects of sleep depravation. uhg*)

    1. Re: Bad thought.

      (*I’m not trying to be random, but its the latent affects of sleep depravation. uhg*)

      hee hee, yes, tell me about it 🙂 I like random.

      I can still remember as a kid the time i was taken to a fancy hotel restaurant, and was absolutely overjoyed because we were given PUDDING (sorbet) before having to eat those nasty vegetables! That has been filed in my memory as ‘one of life’s greatest moments’, and I can still remember the taste of it now 🙂

    1. ummmmmm………..maybe, though in actual fact it feels a bit more like coughing up a hairball (not that I really know what that would be like)

      i suddenly remembered after writing that; I used to have a sense of humour. Too much seriousness breeds apathy and depression in the situation I’m at right now.

      fantastic. 🙂

      I think I just re-discovered something I sorely needed to.

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