Definitive Japanese Music??

Hi…if you have a minute I’d appreciate your help :- I’m trying to put together a CD of a variety of Japanese music for my chef friend. So far, I have various anime soundtrack stuff, but what I’m really interested in would be some actual NON-anime japanese music.

Any thoughts?? The CD is quite a mix from perky-upbeat to stuff to rather surreal a bit dark, so really anything could go with it.

Actually this is a chance to expand my own musical taste, so any japan-o-philes out there, I’d love your recommedations…

preferably something I can download an mp3 of.. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Definitive Japanese Music??”

  1. Psydoll – Japanese do industrial 80’s gothicesque foo
    Plus Tech Squeeze Box – Unfeasibly uplifting off-beat pop mentalism
    Pate – Stoner rock, lush
    Yumi Yumi – (Now resident in Britain) Two girl electropunk duo
    Electric Eel Shock – Touring the UK as we speak, I beleive. Pop-metal, highly entertaining live!

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Cibo Matto, Pizzicato 5, Cornelius, Kahimi Karie, Susumu Yokota, DIE!!DIE!!COLOR!!!, L’arc~en~ciel, Judy and Mary, Guitar Wolf, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Melt Banana (if you can handle them! :). Yoko Kanno if you don’t know her (she mostly writes anime music, Cowboy Bebop is of note).

  3. If you don’t like them much, you COULD subject them to some Mini-Moni as well, but I’d only do that in conjunction with the Music Videos.

    All I can say is “My EYES! My beautiful EYES!”

  4. everyone: arigatou gozaimasu !!! 🙂

    just wanted to say, thanks to everyone for all these comments! It’s really brilliant!

    I think what started off as an attempt to pull together enough tracks for a decent compilmation is going to expand into me learning about a whole new type of music. Fantastic!

    What with my brother introducing me to some rave-style drumm and bass (I think that’s the right word for it) I’m learning a lot about new music lately.

    It always makes me feel like my world is expanding when I get more music in it!

    thank you!!!

  5. The Japanese can be absolutely amazing and their attitude towards music is pretty inspirational, I think.

    Shonen Knife are fun – “I Am A Cat” would probably appeal.

    But … really, you need Boredoms. Deranged trance-punk. Download ‘Acid Police’ :o)

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