Woman :

Main Entry: woman
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: female

Synonyms: babe, bird, bride, broad, chick, chicken, companion, dame, debutante, doll, gal, gentlewoman, girl, girlfriend, inamorata, kitten, lady, lass, love, lover, maid, maiden, mama, mate, matron, miss, mistress, moll, Mrs., nymph, old lady, paramour, partner, pigeon, rib, she, skirt, spinster, spouse, squaw, sweetheart, tomato, tootsie, virgin, wife

Antonyms: man


Says it all really 🙂

4 thoughts on “Woman :”

  1. Notice that almost all those words define a woman according to her role, the way she is seen, or the way in which she is regarded by another (often a man), rather than being words for the simple fact of her existence. Every one has some kind of connotation, for good or ill, apart from “woman” or “she”.

    Umm.. yeah. *brain dissolves before can write feminist essay about the male gaze blah blah*

    1. *nods* yes! This is what I noticed as well. But also, how many different roles and angles are incorporated into the one word — maiden, old lady, girl, matron… not so sure about tomato or tootsie though 🙂

      I need some feminist conversation I reckon, get it out of my system 🙂

    2. Of course. To survive, words have to have some useful informational content (which can be quite indirect and subtle). There’s no point having multiple words that mean /exactly/ the same thing. If you look at all the synonyms for ‘man’, you will see exactly the same thing.

  2. sweet balm of estrogen

    human, nonman.

    is it that simple? nah, course not.
    i know guys women beneath their outer shell.
    one of my favorite artists even, jeff jones, is more katherine than jeff. but i digress.

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