*** Back, and uni room stuff ***

Well, I’m back at university in the wonderful, wonderful Exeter. I’ve been back a week infact, but it’s taken me that long to recover from work… that may sound weak, but even I was surprised how run down it got me!
So, my room is almost identical to the room I had last year, but this time the window is west facing, so I get the sun (if there is any…) for the mornings. I’ve chosen a slightly different approach to decoration this time – hanging pieces of cloth, a huge yucca plant (which already seems to have grown.. and apparently they flower too!!) and white fairy lights, which, when turned on, create an impression of many little candles and hence is not quite as tacky as the idea might sound at first.

There has been a huge influx of students this year – apparently A-levels were easy, and everyone got into their first choice. All the uni accomdation is packed, even the prison-cell Lafrowda flats. There was a point in time where they would pay you to get people in there – but this year all the college students that were using the rooms have been turfed out to make room for first years. Sadly, this includes Zak – what was to be his room now has a quite french girl in it. Until he can afford to get a place of his own, he sleeps on my floor. He needs to be in Exeter really, since his course has started at the college. I have to say I’m not completely convinced he can handle A-level Maths, but he seems to be trying in his own disorganised way. I’m trying to get him to cut out all sugar from his diet in an effort to control the hyperactivity.

If you know me, you would not recognize my room; I keep it obsessively tidy so it is not obvious there are two people in this room. We should get one chance before they chuck us both out..

**** Lectures this year ***

I’m set for a difficult, but hopefully exciting year. Rushed about today registering, and making sure I’m doing Beginners Japanese. Luckily, it looks like it’s going to fit round my timetable. The main problem it is a 30 credit course, which I’m taking as my 15 credit module. I’m actually giving myself extra work! I may well regret this later..

Other than that, I’m lined up to do more cognition, a bit of social psychology, some neuroscience and various AI connectionism and programming courses, although sadly I don’t get the computer science bits till the next semester.

Really, I’m getting very interested in ideas sparked off from the virtual wolf project.. interesting papers on creating autonomous interacting social creatures can be found here. The article “CreatureSmarts: The Art and Architecture of a Virtual Brain” is nicely written especially.

**** Socially? ***

Had some great days; it’s wonderful having ‘our’ kitchen, and I’m actually getting up for breakfast at a reasonable time. We’ve only actually been out drinking once, however this is due to Rob’s vast collection of booze he brought back from his booze cruise negating the need to actually go out and buy any more.

A very amusing evening trying to figure out how to roll joints properly while drunk. I’m glad Kay wasn’t around to see. I have to say that Rachel has an innate skill at it while Rob is pants. 🙂 I don’t smoke cannibis very often at all – only twice this summer, and both times the relaxing effect it had on me was probably worth it.

I went out with Rachel, Marc, and Zak in a car yesterday evening in the cold and wet autumn for a random drive to a place called BEER (just because it was called beer). As it turns out, Beer is and amazing historical fishing village on the south coast of devon, near Seaton and the dorest border. We wandered about with gorgeous fish and chips for a while, then had tea in a tea shop that can only be described as ‘polite’. The mugs of hot chocolate came on saucers with doileys!! They had lacey curtains on the windows of this tiny place that looked like someone’s living room. It was really nice! 🙂

We then drove to Lyme Regis, in dorset properly now, and down to the sea their. By this time it was rainy and stormy, and the waves were huge and inspiring. A good afternoon all round I think 🙂 We plan to visit a different random place each week!

I think that autumn is the only month that still looks great in the rain and mist, purely because the colour of the leaves offset the drabness of the weather. And there are more squirrels.

memory: driving over the hills of devon, stuck behind a trundling learner guy on a motorbike that looked more like a push bike, with sheets of rain and huge clouds(?) of mist everywhere, while listening to ‘La Bamba’. Loudly. 🙂

**** Clubs? ****

I plan to actually join some societies this year. I had a look at the gym, and it was scary. Still, it looks like me, Marc, probably Sarah and possibly Rachel will start learning ninjitsu, and maybe using the pool afterwards. Rachel and I may go along to the -folk dance- society once a month when they have live music. We’re also going to check out what ‘dancesport’ in a effort to sound like we’re doing something active.

However all this requires me getting my student cheque payed in…. after all that work, I start the term off with a measly balance of £110.27

NOTE TO SELF : Tradition Jazz, Live, Sat, 8:30pm in that pub we couldn’t find a name for, on the road just outside the turning for Beer. You know where it is. 🙂