The Corinthian will eat your Soul

Have just been sitting and gently introspecting when I remembered in vivid imagery one of the dreams I had last night.

The interesting twist in this one was the presence of Sandman’s ‘Corinthian’; for those who have not read the graphic novel series, he’s a human-like nightmare with scary mouths in place of his eyeballs who eats the eyes from other people.

In my dream, he occasionally visited me. But this time, it was not my literal eyes that he was going to eat, more pulling stuff -out- of my eyes; eating bits of my soul perhaps. I’ll point out here that he was still incredibly terrifying, and the prospect of pain very real.

I had the impression he’d been ‘sent’ by Dream since this is something I either needed, or deserved. The most vivid image and emotion is feeling a angry, fearful rush and the sensation of something being pulled -out-. The corinthian showed me a 3D blue/black-light sphere that contained floating tribal/aboriginal-art-esq depictions of humanoid aspects. There were two magical, blue, dancing ones on one side, and then on the other side a pained squirming/pulsating golden thing in a curled up almost foetal position. The corinthian pointed out that these were all aspects of myself I had built on, or created from something. The golden one was the part he had eaten out of me, and something to do with anger and hangups. I felt greatful for what he’d done, but also relieved the ordeal was over (and my eyes were still intact) and hopeful it wouldn’t need to be done again.

Twisted all the same, I feel vaguely unsettled.
The only random thing that could have inpsired this was briefly considering Straylight’s
Art. Stray, if this gets much worse, you’ll be getting my medication bill 😉

I had a dream the night before in which I was pregnant, somehow, and very close to giving birth. Again, I was terrified of the pain; but the overall feeling was that of mild euphoria and pleasure at the life inside me.


Sensation of dormant feelings, parts of me which I thought had died.
Deep within in me, cocooned.
Parts which I’ve never seen,
Developing. Growing.
Almost visible now.
What will emergence bring?

Slow, soft and vunerable. Immature sensation.
Incremental iterations towards awareness
Today I sing the song of catepillar;
Tomorrow I will dance the butterfly.

Within you is more than you can see.
More than symbols can represent.
intuition is the key.
Hold to it
and learn
Watch your wings unfurl.