Wish you were here?

Two weeks in to working on this eco-park, its a radically different lifestyle from anything Ive tried before. I find that a lot is loosening up in my mind and personality even, and the headspace you find when you are weeding or mowing the lawn is giving me a chance to reflect and think about things a lot more clearly than when i was sitting in IBM.

the work is fairly easy, 8.30->5 6 days a week, 2 hour lunch break. we have to cook our own food (japanese style) but get the money back for it. Also there is eggs, cuecumber, lettuce and beans from the farm, more than we can eat. Discovered the fish in Japan is gorgeous, have developed a real liking for it. I think I am eating better now than I have ever done in my life.

I did find it a bit odd to have to work at the weekends, but then I just asked myself what would I be doing instead? We went to a party saturday night that was full of gaijin from tokyo, they were all english teachers, hostessing, or similar and generally worked really hard (even if the pay is apparently good). Personally I am enjoying the simple life here at the moment, I was sitting in the afternoon sun yesterday evening playing with the black labrador and looking out at the mountains and gorgeous scenery.

I am not earning any money, but i spend less than 10 pounds a week, some of which is on the fabulous hot-spring (mmmm) which is even better because you have been working hard and getting muddy.

good food, interesting company, laughing, fresh air and a dog to play with. it really is simple things…

have a lot of good thoughts, positive ideas, and plans for the future. Am a lot more relaxed and finally away from my “living my parents story”. Hope you are all well,