“Don’t be Fooled by the Omega-3 Scam!”


From Patrick Holford, Nutrtion expert:

The headlines in the newspapers read ‘Experts cast doubts on Omega 3’- BBC.., ‘The benefits of fish and linseed oils as elixir of life are another health myth’- The Times…, ‘The Benefits of Omega 3 Seem Fishy’ –  CBS News.

This is due to a ‘systematic review’ of studies on omega 3 and it’s effects on cardiovascular disease, cancer and mortality, published on Friday in the British Medical Journal. This is not a new study, but a study of studies. The authors conclude that ‘omega 3 fats don’t have a clear effect on total mortality, combined cardiovascular events or cancer.’

It’s my job to read and analyse the whole paper and it soon becomes clear there is something very fishy going on.
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finding bearings

Sometimes it takes being lost in order to find your bearings..or perhaps I should say *shift* them. This is what’s happened to me recently. I used to wonder at how other people drew boundaries, personal or otherwise, and why I found it so hard. Now I reckon it’s because I had no personal bearings, I didn’t quite feel in myself or my body, my sense of value could only come through others – not even just value but actually a sense of reality. Without the perceptions of others I didn’t exist. And despite my protestations and complaining about needing time alone to ‘do my own thing’, I still rushed like water into the valley of other’s lives, pooling and reflecting. Occasionally the wolf surfaces,snarling about being so crushed, weak, self-depreciating, reminding me of forests I’ve neglected and drawings undone. Everyone else was more important. More than that – the terror of being alone, my resistance against it, fear of depression and loneliness… and so I gave my power away, spreading myself into other lives and roles. And when I was alone, there was always something to do, books to read or wine to drink. It’s crept up so insidiously that I’d not noticed.

But. I’ve found my bearings. I lay in bed in the morning, surrounded by a circle, the center of the web at my sacrum and pulling the vortex inwards. My center is *in* me now, viscerally, where it belongs, where the strength and the fire is. And when I stand here, I *can* say no to the demands of others, and not feel guilty. I can accept compliments with smiles rather than suspicions. I can see, with painful awareness, what drugs and addictions are doing to me. I am overwhelmed with ideas I want to paint. Stillness and surity and wolves. I enjoy this time and I am hungry for more.

I’ve been through such shifts before, and there will be more, but like the spiralling of a snake each time it gets deeper. The best way to describe this feeling is a change from being a ghost made of glass to a solid figure filling slowly with life and colour. I hate all my black clothes, I want to find brighter ones, I want to ornamate and decorate myself not as a mask but more of a celebration.



Red hair

So about a week ago I had a day of relaxation, swimming, sauna, jacuzzi and also dying my hair a red colour. You can see some photos here to get some idea…though I have to say it looks a bit more red in daylight. Reactions at work were interesting…

Over the last year I’ve had some major issues with my hair and how it was all coming out, it seemed to have stopped which was a good excuse to coat it in nasty chemicals 🙂 Also generally I’ve been wanting to step up the confidence a bit. A week in and I’ve gotten used to the colour, indeed I’m quite enjoying a bit more vibrancy.


I’ve had a bit of wine now which is all part of getting used to spending time alone rather than using everyone as a mirror. Who the fuck am I when I’m alone? those sort of questions. I’ve pushed the limits and my life no longer fits into something neat and tidy. Dreams and reality become blurred and I don’t know what is real. Smoke and mirrors. Strange things happened at the weekend and I found myself feeling rather raw, vulnerable and a bit too real. Surrounded by old women harping on about how much happier they felt, wheras all *I* could feel was the cold enlightenment of suddenly seeing who you are and how little you actually know yourself. I sit with my bare feet on the ground,grasping nettles and staring forlornly at the encroaching progress of diggers and quarry. I feel my body and the water which is blood, we are all linked and sometimes I can’t see where I stop and everything else starts…this does not so much bring me joy but a sickness and horror and wonder at what the fuck are we doing. I want something to smoke but I refuse to pay for cigarrettes. I want something to fuck but my morals constrict that route. I orgasm in my dreams and wonder why I bother waking. I want to run on four legs and stretch my soul into the wilderness.

(I’m totally infatuated with this girl at the moment. It’s a bit embarressing. but she is very cute. sigh.)

Against Genetic Determinism

If there is one scientific-dogma which really grates with me, it’s the wholesale acceptance of genetic determinism. It strips away free will and, more importantly, personal responsibility, reducing a person down to a mechanistic set of chemicals.

That and my sense that it’s just bullshit, which has been packaged up nicely by authors such as Richard Dawkins and shoved down our throats until we forget that science is a process all about generating HYPOTHESIS and THEORY and not necessarily providing immediate TRUTH…

A Heretical Consideration of Genetic Determinism