Wolf-shifts in Metal clubs…infectious ferality?

I never thought I’d be someone who would actually want to go to hear Metal music but I did and now I’m hooked! Talk about connecting to primal energy..

So – I spent an good 10 days recently when a guy Isaac I connected to at Stonehenge Solstice came to stay in Exeter. When I say ‘connected’, I feel some deep energetic link of some kind between us; not something that would work as a relationship but more of a “soul-brother” than “soul-mate”. I like him because he has passion for life, through music, is quite intense as well. I find him a bit exhausting for similar reasons and because he is carrying major emotional baggage and pain.. plus he claims to have fallen in love with me though hopefully that will pass soon..admittedly I did enjoy indulging in romance for a week 😉 I’m happy to give that up though as there seem to be lots of other ways we could develop our bond, and I’d rather explore that.

ANYWAY — his main music passion is Metal music – and so on the last night we hit the underground Cavern club for 4 live metal bands. Somehow we even got John and Rachel to come, which was amazing… I had a lot of fun dressing up in goth/metal clothes, spikey choker, wrist-bands, finger-less lace gloves,eyeliner,boots..must upload some photos. In many ways I find this akin to getting into ritual dress.

wolf shifts and inducing it in another?


* locally grown organic rocket
* half a farmer’s market chicken breast, coated in olive oil, pepper, curry powder, char-griddled last night and sliced up this morning
* cornish soft cheese with garlic and herbs, from Tavistock “cheese festival”, crumbled
* local organic basil, diced
* ripe cherry tomatoes, picked yesterday from friend’s allotment
* dash of balsamic vinegar (how did I only manage to discover this?!)

estimated total cost: around £2.

I LOVE farmer’s markets.

That and food. The chicken is particularly tender and succulent.I’m so glad for once I didn’t gorge myself on the whole breast last night!


*taste orgasm*

nicotine cravings gone now thank god. Physical ones anyway. Did end up having a caffeinated latte tho because no decaff left; am buzzing madly now I can only pray I will sleep later. Its a bit annoying having a low tolerance at times.