“”Without bumblebees, I would be out of business. I don’t think I could hand-pollinate all these plants,” he said.”
Like Honeybees, Bumblebees Vanishing

The guy at the farmers market who sells brilliant honey is finding that bee numbers and honey etc are falling this year..the weather hasn’t helped. I’ve heard other people commenting here and there about bee numbers falling. I think a lot of people don’t really care, but then it takes a bit of thinking to make the connection that we NEED bees and insects to pollinate our crops and from their get our food. It’s hard to notice just how tied up our lives still are on the workings of nature and ecosystems.

I love bees. I love honey. I also love food and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens if we can’t pollinate any more. I suppose it won’t come to that, but the people who own lots of bees are going to come in to demand. I find it perversely funny that despite all our intensive agriculture and fertiliser and harvesting technology, we still need bees. Or can scientists save the world with some GM crops that don’t need pollination?

hmm…just realised a guy on the train the other day was reading a bee keeping manual. maybe it’s worth investing….

Mike, Matt, Mark, and Mrob

ok, so Mrob is actually rob with a silent “M” so it looks better.

this post is dedicated to all the brilliant blokes in my life at the moment, I could and probably will ramble on about the brilliant women sometime, but I’ve realised I spend a lot of time being a bit anti-male and actually men aren’t actually crap and annoying all the time so here’s to rectifying some of that 😀

..ok so obviously there are more than these guys[1}, but these are the most recent, and I could be writing on this for ages if I went through systematically…..

edit: [1] Ok, so I’ve realised that 2/4 of these guys are gay and one is repeatedly under suspicion of being gay by his own family, so maybe this is a bit of a biased sample. 😉

Just a quick thanks email for some of the great guys in my life at the moment, infact for all my friends really, but particularly in the last couple of weeks, which have been particularly hellish due to illness and stress-cramps and pain.


dreams – huge ocean waves, small primal man, halloween priestesses

Just wanted to write a short post (ha ha I always start of thinking that) to note down a dream I had last night and let you know how it’s all going. I had a horrible neck problem last week and it really really bad, it was stress and emotion and pain all mixed up. Luckily a fellow student did a bit of accupressure(?maybe?) massage on it on Saturday and that helped to shift something, and last night before going to sleep I think I finally let something go and relaxed again. Quite a good if difficult process to go through.(damn shadow work argh!! 😀 ) The result is I am now being much more careful about myself and trying to look after me, and also realising what I need to do is make sure I schedule in social time and evenings off with the work so my whole life can work together in a productive and happy and soulful and balanced way. That’s the aim. Going to create a whole new way to live I think, release old bad habits and outlooks..all feels very autumy. So yay. With the degree, I’m starting to find my position, but currently learning the anatomy to the depth we are going is absolutely amazing and relevent no matter on the philosophy or technique or what have you. I’ve realised that in the same way people can get really into cars, or computer components, I can get into bodies..I think I am a bit of a body-human geek. I could really bore people with it. We’ve been learning about the vertebrae and sacrum….wow!! On Sunday I got to handle some real human verterbrae and it it is a total difference from the plastic versions. So very very organic and amazing looking, and the feel of them too!


Hello World

It’s been a really really long time since I wrote anything on this. I have been using a different journal off and on for a bit. In fact I think it’s been about a year since I wrote on here. I needed to go away for a while and do a lot of thinking, planning, reorganising myself. Feel like that has been done now and maybe it’s time to reconnect to some old friends. How are you all?

Where is my life now?

I’m still in Exeter, for now, though my academic job is almost done and apparently I am ‘terminated’ in December this year.

I’ve also started doing some massage here and there, including a regular slot at a local Neal’s Yard on sundays…which is the cheap day so I can’t charge much for it. This may change from Decemember as well. Overall I would say I am perhaps breaking even with the massage at the moment but it’s good to be getting the practice. I do Hot Stone massage now which I’m trying to promote but more excitingly than that I am studying and working with the Fascia (connective tissue) level, in which I think I’m finally finding exactly WHERE the link between mind-soul-body runs.

The biggest news is that I applied for, got accepted and have just started a rather daunting 5 year degree in Osteopathy. It’s distance learning for the first 3 years and then I will have to be in or very close to London. It’s going to be a lot of work but hopefully fun as well. I have secret agendas to change the world. (even if it’s just the world of osteopaths or health care). Skimming the history of ALL medicine EVER has been very illuminating.

spirutality/mentally/something I seem to be caught up in some deep shadow-work type process whereby you get the wonderful oppurtunity to start seeing all the bits about you that aren’t so nice or holding you back, but at the same time are able to realise a lot of good things too. It’s hard work but rewarding. The big thing I’m dealing with at the moment is allowing myself to trust and ask for help, and also believing in myself and that my real ability to do things is actually much higher than I’ve given myself credit for.

Still feel the wolf.
For anyone who hasn’t come across it yet, I recommend checking out Couchsurfing as a great way to travel and meet interesting and encouraging people.

If you’re reading this and want to get back in/stay in touch, drop me an email sometime!