O-Ding on Rum and Valerian. Energy of a nuclear bomb.

Mike came down for the weekend, we have developed a wonderful knack of him visiting right when I’m in final PMT stage. It was quite nice to have him here though as I had a night of wibbliness and peering at my own vulnerability and fears about it. Plus the first day of seeing him always throws me for a loop; I don’t know what it is about the boy but he has the effect of warping my whole world into something else when he’s around, this maybe is a good thing, if challenging.

We’ve been working on our relationship too and it seems to be getting better. A big thing is making the active decision not to talk about his job situation at all and instead try and enjoy what time we have. We actually had a good time together this weekend and I don’t think really argued or stropped at each other at all, infact maybe we even had fun. bonus. I’m enjoying this process of actually getting to know HIM, and trying not to stress about it.

Anyway I’m coming into the final stretch of employment. This next week is gonna be challenging one, with a lot of rushing about europe for conferences, and 5 day intensive osteopathy right after. I was getting a bit concerned about not having enough rest and not havign the energy to get through it all in one piece.

Last night Mike and I went to the northbridge pub, chilled out listening to some good DJing by my friend Elly (couchsurfing woo!) and then chatting to one of the other girls working at the uni with me and her boyfriend/friend.

I was getting quite pissed on a mixture of ginger beer and spiced rum. Must have had abotu 4 shots and this was after sherry. Enjoyed myself and was being grossly witty about a fellow member of staff..though later on was kind of ashamed of myself, humour at the expense of someone else is not the best. I say some stupid things when I’m drunk, but why is it so fun at the time?

This was followed by massive dosing of Valerian-hops-passiflower tea at 1am when Mike and I got home. I think I OD-d on it, it was really hard to shift myself this morning I was still zoned out.

Anyway back at work and trying to gear myself up for this week. And the rest of my life, post-employment. Getting scared-excited about the idea of doing massage. Really want to get over my issues and give it a try. Times like this, Blaze-Erin is a brilliant inspiration with how she’s set up her own business.

With good timing I had a phone call from a massage lady I’ve chatted too a couple of times. She said a few encouraging things about how she is doing massage all the time and it’s getting very busy for her. Also re:having the energy to do things, that we have to remember there is LOADS of energy available, and that actually the human body contains about as much energy as 5 nuclear bombs.

I paused for a while and said, “well, in my case, since I’m quite short it’s probably just 4 and half” and laughed. Got to keep the humour up. and I’m NOT weak and pathetic. I will have all the energy I need for the next week.rar.