Progress of spring

The cheer of a sunny spring day fills me with such hope and energy. Out on lunch time walks, I can’t help but stop and enjoy the sheer vibrant “green-ness” of the new growth that’s exploding all around me, reminding me why I came to live in the countryside in the first place. I love the gentle warmth of the sun at this time of year, less harsh than that of summer.

eastern massage techniques

In parallel to this, I am seeing options and new possibilites appearing all around me in my life. The massage course is disintigrating, with the male teacher developing severe ego-problems/fears and most recently chucking the female teacher, Sharon, of the course and thus removing all the eastern massage/energy techniques we were going to learn. No problem though – Sunday found myself and three other students meeting up at a beautiful cottage near dartmoor to await for Sharon who has decided to teach us her information anyway, for free. So I learnt about the connection between aches and emotions (it seems really obvious when I look at it), Marma points (similar to accupressure points but from the Indian system), and also practiced some simple Shiatsu which was gorgeous. Integrating east and west – THIS is what I really wanted to learn, and will keep persuing.

weird herbal remedies

In the pipeline is a possible interesting weekend course on herbal remedies. Taught by an ex-marine who spent time while on service with a lot of native tribes of rainforests etc, learning about what plants they used for various ailments. He got so into it, he got out of the army and went to learn a load more from shamans, before coming back to the UK to track down OUR native herbal knowledge. Apparently a lot of it was lost through the witch-burning in the 15th century but retained by gypsy families who mostly kept out the he went and learnt from them as well.

So he runs little courses where you learn about some of these, get taught how to make basic distillations (potions!), and also go on a countryside ramble looking for plants.. might happen in the summer and actually if anyone is interested in that and wants to come down to Exeter and take part give me a shout.

Apparently this guy has an idea of incorporating herbs with massage which sounds quite intriguing. (I tested this out with some dock leaves yesterday after getting a bit carried away running around nettles with no shoes on 🙂 )

my office life of idle procrastination

In my office job, I am moving upstairs to work near the techy guy, no longer in view of my manager and thus killing the last vestiges of paranoia-induced working (actually more not-work-related guilt: Yes I am indeed a parasite feeding of the retail industry). I also get to sit next to the window. In Japanese work places this is seen as a bad thing, a sign that you are no longer of use. Suits me as the plan is to be out of here in 6 months (or less) and starting on a part time massage career or simply to live on my part-time university job and free up time to laze around, study, and go and sit in forests.

Yes this is foolish, but I’m basically waiting to see how long it takes before they decide to fire me. 😀


I’ve signed up to do an taiko course with the kagemusha group in Exeter! The same one I did a workshop with last august (I already raved about taiko once so I won’t do it again ) drumming drumming drumming yes yes yes yes – getting involved in group drumming has been a dream of mine for years! It’s only 8 sessions (every monday) but it’s a start. yay!

I still feel centred and so much calmer than I used to. Hopeful about the future and determined to live. The last year till this point has been one massive transmutation, and I was walking down the river on sunday twilight, reeling a little bit simply for feeling so freed, real, different. Touching on some powerful core in myself, feeling a surity in step.

There is still more to go, as always. As though I have prepared some space in myself and my life but have yet the courage to fill it. Or, as though I can feel the wolf on the other side of the door, lounging patiently, eyes fire…I just need to open it to let her in..

4 thoughts on “Progress of spring”

  1. Seasons….

    Here, the frogs are spawning again [they originally started at the beginning of february but this was a froggy false-dawn and the frosts of the last month no doubt killed off much spawn]. Still, it’s good to feel the vibrancy of life sloughing off winter and bursting forth in unrestrained fecund abandon.

    You should {FX:Mae West}come up and see me sometime{/FX} there’s food, and the opportunity to go for a scamper in my woodlands. Whether the snakes, lizards, deer, foxes or badgers will put in an appearance or not I can’t be sure….

    1. Re: Seasons….

      yes, definitely want to come and visit sometime, I think there is a weekend near the start of May? I will check and send you an email

      I like the “my” bit in the “my woodlands” 🙂

  2. Sometimes you make me feel very envious of you. There is part of me that would like to do the things you are doing – massage, drumming, walking in lovely countryside (I miss Exeter). The other part still wants a high-powered career. Possibly it’s my own fault for living somewhere that doesn’t have any life and London centre is too expensive to go into on a regular basis for hobbies. Hopefully, for my next placement, I’ll be able to find somewhere to live that has classes to do and nice places to walk. I’d really like to find a dance class again…Roll on September 😉

    1. what you’ve missed is the next few days, when my car broke and had to go in for £250-odd worth of repairs (at least now I have working brakes), which I can only afford on a credit card..bleh

      I definitely think you should look for dance classes, you were obviously really enjoying them back in southampton!

      I want to find some dance classes too, once things are a bit more stable down here 🙂

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