September 3rd, words from my granny

I felt compelled to put this somewhere other than my email inbox. My granny is..around 84 now (and yep she has got herself online, she rocks 🙂 )

” Hi Catherine

Not sure when you will receive this- probably find it very boring, but had a feeling you may be interested in how I felt all those years ago =It was actually 67 years ago at almost exactly this time of day -11.00 a.m to be exact –
I was 19 years old working in the Castle Hotel Lynton- Had returned from School in Switzerland and was ” filling in” as we called it in those days a sort of Gap Year –

At 11-00 a.m the Prime Minister spoke on the Radio ( No TV of course} This morning on Radio 4 this message was repeated just as it was all those years ago – ” Germany has invaded Poland against the wishes of the League
of Nations- We are now at war with Germany” I was washing lettuce at the time and KNEW that I would always remember those words – Where I was – and what I was doing _( have a feeling there was a slug in the Lettuce! ) I was
partly scared but mostly I think excited, as unlike my Mum I had no idea of the reality of war — Those words
” We are now at war with Germany” seemed unreal- Five minutes later the Sirens went —- False alarm, someone somewhere pressed the wrong button- At that moment life as I had known it and expected it to be was over- perhaps it is similar events throughout the centuries that has kept our world turning – Who knows?

Enough of this It was Radio 4 this morning that brought it all back- I,m not sure that we made such a good job of the peace as we did of winning the war — Maybe we were all tired “

5 thoughts on “September 3rd, words from my granny”

  1. Wow. I’d find that amazing, to have such a personal recollection told of events past. I hope I’m able to relate things with that level of clarity when I’m 84 (hell; I hope to REACH 84), such things are inspiring.

  2. We have to go see your Granny agaoin sometime soon. I always enjoy visits there. Maybe its the cool stories, maybe its the relaxing feel of the place, maybe its the copious gin and tonics (90% gin, 10% tonic), I just dont know.

    But we have to go soon ;O)

  3. Mouse loves Cat’s Gran

    That is such a lovely memory to have and tell (not saying war is lovely, just to be able to remember it so clearly at 84 and to be sending it online!).

    Thanks you both for sharing it with us all.


  4. I would really love to meet your granny at some point Cat if that’s at all possible…she sounds like she has a really cool character! 🙂
    Especially being online – my parents still have problems turning the computer on!! :p

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