* locally grown organic rocket
* half a farmer’s market chicken breast, coated in olive oil, pepper, curry powder, char-griddled last night and sliced up this morning
* cornish soft cheese with garlic and herbs, from Tavistock “cheese festival”, crumbled
* local organic basil, diced
* ripe cherry tomatoes, picked yesterday from friend’s allotment
* dash of balsamic vinegar (how did I only manage to discover this?!)

estimated total cost: around £2.

I LOVE farmer’s markets.

That and food. The chicken is particularly tender and succulent.I’m so glad for once I didn’t gorge myself on the whole breast last night!


*taste orgasm*

nicotine cravings gone now thank god. Physical ones anyway. Did end up having a caffeinated latte tho because no decaff left; am buzzing madly now I can only pray I will sleep later. Its a bit annoying having a low tolerance at times.

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