Lilith’s Return….


Art and Pleasure, Sex and Sin, Find in Life your own way in, Mistress, Subject, Slut and Whore, Open Gateways, Always More. Every Woman and Every Man can find All the Archtypes, all the Land…

My story is NOT about descent and redemption of the whore by true love. It is about one woman claiming ALL aspects, integrating and creating with them a whole new life – in a manner SHE chooses.

I’m finding a piece of my key soul purpose-vision :

ALL women are Lilith, ALL women can reclaim that archtype and bring her forth from the Shadow. I say NO to being a whore/dakini as core identity, this restricts, confines, obliges as much as being just a wife or any other single label. I say YES to sex, power and magic. ALL WOMEN can access this, not just some. Just like ALL people can create Art. I don’t LIKE fracturing and elitism and lists and hierachies. Sex and Art is at the core of Life and available to anyone who wants to claim it.

All the Priestess needs to appear is a Temple – a sacred space and sacred time, away from the rest of the world. That, and the fuel of a man’s desire for her and for Life. With these two, she can open gateways and create magic. I do not need attachment to that identity any more than as an artist or a wife.

What I REALLY like is curiosity and expanding choices for all of  who we are and can be. I do NOT show the path of one woman finding narrow purpose or one man among the many, I show an example of the ‘heroine journey’ for women adventurers – finding and claiming and exploring and charting into unknown territory, bringing back careful maps and wild stories! The alchemist-witch who processes materials into sparks of gold and life.

My journey into shadows was because I wanted that  power-dark-sex archtype to be held up among the pantheon of female possibility. I wanted to give it back rightful place, Lilith and Adam, Sex-sensuality-vision-mind all in one.

BUT whilst a woman might find and constellate this archtype by literally becoming-acting out these sacred-whore roles : it IS NOT the sublime goal. No. Not an army of Temple Priestesses coaching-coercing others to step into the Shadows with them and stay there. It is for this energy to be unlocked In ALL women as a possibility, for the women to claim it as the men want it. To call Lilith out of the Cave and into the Sunlight. Regarding her with Love and appreciation not fear or anger.

Women can and may choose this as their core label but it is not enough for me. It is not enough till every bedroom is a Temple, till every woman is a Priestess if she chooses, the Goddess is for ALL NOT FOR ELITE FEW. THAT is a sign of the OLD religion. EVERY woman-Every Man-Every Form has a DIRECT LINE to the Sacred. Every or Any woman could become what I was or do what I did. But it is not something to market or sell as a commodity, any more than the Old priests sold prayers for purgatory. It DOES cheapen it, unless the whole world views these whore-women differently. But if and for that to happen, it means viewing ALL women and their magic anew – and we have a whole new set up that doesn’t require secret meetings and hidden names.

I see and feel an old and powerful Vision coming back into me, the Return of Lilith from Hell — but this time as Mother and not an angry Maiden. Queen Persephone. The Light and the Shadow Realms have to come together.

I want : a loving intimate connection to myself, and from there to a man and to friends and to Life around.

I want : a deep earthy dark magic and power crackling through me, a well I draw on to create-destroy with, blood and tears, pain and pleasure. Vibrant Life given definition and dimension by the shadow.

I want : a clear and sun lit room of plants and air and space. Words and structure and clarity. Beautiful art surrounds me, testament to my will-art-life pouring into creating the world I choose. The life I create.


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