Alchemy poems

I only have the first 3 … 4 more to come.

: Calcination – Incineration :

Bring me heat and bring me fire
Encased in furnace flames inspire
Burning through the life that’s old
Truth and doubt with fear enfold

Claim awareness and watch with care
For all that’s burnt as bones laid bare
Mark what passes, let it go :
See toxic poisons melt and flow

Retain all ash of essence true
This Primal Matter now accrue
Embrace the flames to deepest heart
and alchemy of soul will start.


Dissolution – solution SOLVE

Solve-salve flow and sink
start to feel and stop to think
Leave the realm of King behind
In waters dark the Queen to find

She brings a death to structured life
Her realm flows full with bliss and strife
Mark her dragons and meet them well
With courage deep may your heart swell

Let tears of salt from pain and joy
dissolve away and then destroy
all feelings that you need no more
open floodgates – find the door.



Take a breath look hard and well
Discern the residues from hell
Mark what belongs with gold not lead
Be objective – use your head

You may have broken down the old
For want of a new life to mould
But that alone is not enough
With what remains you must get tough

Use decisive swords to cut away
Discard the false so truth can play
Retrieve the essence of spirit-soul
Safe isolation is the goal.


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