9:18. Restate my assumptions.

Things are coming together, very slowly, in trying to build a model of the universe.

I think I’m going to have to leave god out of it because I have terrible problems thinking about any theological god-models without imagining an anthropomorphic deity with a beard EVEN WHEN the model in question is an eco-feminist gaia-style model. Damn these ingrained culutaral norms!

(Does anyone know a good place to start for historical references on matriachal religions? might do my essay on these)

What I am fairly sure of is the concept of ‘energy’. This is the same as Chi, which I suspect is the same as the christian concept of ‘spirit’.

Breath is important.

Cranial-sacral therapy works, or at least does -something- tangible (first hand experience)
Tai chi does move energy about, or at least creates a tangible impression of it (first hand experience)

– new book “Awaken healing energy through the tao”
I’m becoming convinced that what the cranial people are working with is the same thing developed by eastern taoists . (energy meridians, circulation of energy etc)

Tai-chi and meditation over the last few months have, between them, changed something in me. No, more like released something I’d forgotten about, a sort of emotional splinter I’d covered over in scar tissue but was still there, bothering me unnoticed.

Consquently I feel more together in myself, and more connected to other things. More aware, even if only by a bit, of my own energy and that of those I’m close with.

I can’t begin to explain how much that improves your sex life. 🙂

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    1. exactly 🙂

      “my model of the cosmos is essentially a pragmatic one. Drawing on a combination of scientific research and taoist philosophy, it’s fundamentaly about how to acheive better orgasms…
      What do you mean where does god and chrisitian theology fit into all this?? details, details…”

  1. Stay connected to Newtonian space too.

    I don’t know why I worry that you might not; but I’ve known some very smart people who, while exploring these non-falsifiable realms, seemed to have discarded their armours of skepticism and rigour in order to range wider and more free. Eventually a spirit must, I suppose, but maybe only when we die.

    Keep writing. In a strange and wonderful way Bach fugues have begun to suit your journal, which makes me think that you’re doing something right.

    1. Stay connected to Newtonian space too.

      fair comment.. I don’t think I can ever totally drop my logical/skeptical mindset, it’s too ingrained. I’ve just not given much time to the opposite side of things so I’m probably going to extremes. Hopefully it will balance out.

      In fact, now my philosophy module is over and I’ll be spending a term doing neuroscience and AI programming it should help 🙂

      In a strange and wonderful way Bach fugues have begun to suit your journal, which makes me think that you’re doing something right.

      ooh..nice. (I need to find some bach fuges to listen to now and see if I can generate some sort of feedback effect..)

      1. If you want the 98%-cocoa-solids of Bach fugues, go for The Art of the Fugue. It is a set of short fugues, all on one theme, perfectly and minimally demonstrating the various forms of the fugue. It’s quite dry and intellectual, and afterwards one needs an immediate antidote of Deep Purple or some such. I don’t listen to it often, although I was today while reading your journal (hence my sudden intuition of an analogy between them).

        It was the last thing Bach ever wrote. In fact, he died before finishing the fourteenth and last fugue, just after bringing in the theme B-A-C-H. (‘H’ was meaningful in the musical notation of the time.)

        For more details, read the first two chapters of Bruce‘s book which I’ll be sending to you shortly. 🙂 I assure you that you will never think of Bach the same way again. Those same chapters also have a lot to say about A Musical Offering, which I Want.

  2. God, I would love to talk to you about all this sort of stuff. You have such fascinating ideas and enthusiasm that it’s infectious. This is all stuff I’ve been looking into too, between us I’m sure there would be a lot to talk about 🙂

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