I remembered something important last night, which is – I used to have a sense of humour, and thats precisely what keeps me going at times, as well as keeping me sane and balanced. Woo! All this seriousness just isnt’ me.

I’ve been winding myself up into so many problems, that don’t even really exist! silly girl.

How did i cope at school when I was stuck at home and so on – not by becoming full of angst, all austere and moody, not by hiding myself in philosophy novels, or intellectualising away the whole world. No, by writing comics and generally shifting the heavy suet dumpling of seriousness into something lighter that sits easier on the stomach.

of course, i am still serious about Life – but the stuff that’s really worth being serious about is also the stuff thats bloody hilarious at the same time. if you can’t *also* laugh about it then it means you’ve not really ‘got it’. Now -theres- some mystic wisdom for ya.

ha ha!


-Cat 😀

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  1. Finally, someone is listening to what I’m saying to her. I now have full authority to poke you hard with a Big Stick(tm) if I find you not keeping yourself sane, ok?

    Draw, write, dance and smile. But always smile, k?

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