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Mark has been my best male friend and tribe-brother since 2001 when we met at university. We are born within 4 days of each other, in a cold snowy January. I know our connection is lifelong. We have encouraged, supported, adventured with each other through our twenties and into our thirties, and he has been there all the way through my relationship with Jeff. The three of us have had some good times together and it means a lot to us that he can help create our marriage.

ramator“I’m Mark, and I identify first as a primal, and second as a pagan. A primal is someone who tries to live as close to nature as possible, circumstances permitting, as a means to spiritual, physical, and emotional health. This includes the nature within us, so, honouring the gods we feel move within us, feeling a connection to land we are born into, and listening to our hearts, and ensuring our bodies are kept well enough that the heart wisdom can be heard clearly.

That lends itself to a kind of paganism that is deeply embedded in the earth and reality around us, one that honours the ancestors not necessarily as spirits, but as drives felt within us. The same goes for the gods and goddesses, they are felt as realities inside. It’s also ecstatic, and dancing, and wild, and celebrates all aspects of being male (in my case).

Part of that relationship is ceremony and ritual, in the sense of freeform ritual, made with whatever feels right, with the words often coming in the moment, and ceremony in the sense of planned intentional work supported by sacred objects, both springing from the wells of connection I hold inside. I hope to contribute some that blends the two threads together, being spontaneous as much as is deep and structured, and look forward to working with you all to create something really meaningful.”

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