“Who I am and beliefs

I am a witchy-shaman woman, in her early thirties and stepping up to declare her full truth and magic. My sense of magic comes like a thread from childhood, a perception of Life that is full of wonder and  mystery, transformation into animals and particularly a deep love of nature.

20140207_013118I grew up catholic and stopped going to church in my teens not because I didn’t believe in divinity but because the shape felt wrong to me and I couldn’t be there in full truth. I explored other paths and wove together a life where god is immanent as well as transcendent, the physical world a sacred expression, following a path of the heart and bliss. Magic has always been connected to art for me – drawing deep on a well spring of imagination and creativity, bringing in divination and curiosity, focusing intent and will. It has to use as much of my being as .possible, not just reading words. The first ritual I did by myself aged 21 on the top of a hill in Exeter, where I offered myself to Life in service and love, and felt messages from each cardinal direction that helped guide my journey. It has taken me through heights and underworlds, and I have developed skills in the healing arts where my vision now is to bring people back to a soulful life, embodied in themselves and nature. Other rituals I have done in this time have always been focused around transformation, declaration and reconnection to Life. I have done them alone, and with my Mate and with my tribe. In my 30’s I see a deeper unfolding of my magical life — a few years ago it stopped being a seperate thread but has become woven in deeply to my daily experience.

In the core of my heart I feel a Wolf, she has guided and grounded me since I was young. In Jeff I share many magical aspects but perhaps the simplest and the core truth is finding in him my Wolf-mate. We want to come together now to create a life of adventure and art. To be in togetherness and freedom and to have our tribe-pack witness and support and celebrate our declaration.

The pagan handfasting fits us so well – it is the ONLY option we have found that allows us to perform real magic with real meaning for us. Especially to be married in nature, and also to have our tribe-brother perform ritual for us. It is really important to me that the spiritual-sacred dimension is full of truth, and the legal rights that let us move more freely around the world together come after that. Being in a ceremony that stands at the intersection of the magic realm and the society-legal realm is perhaps one of the most powerful rituals I will have done – and echoes the sense to bring all my aspects together in one Life.”

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