after registering all this I STILL can’t leave a message on sunstars’ page since I’m not listed as a friend! damnit!

oh. I guess I could write an email. ahh…

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………shoulder massage…Rob is really far too good at this. When I become rich and he’s just a lowly programmer ( <;p) then I'll pay him money to do this all the time *grin* I should really do work now. Its far too easy to waste time on this thing

coffee time!

look, it’s actually 11:00 and I’m stopping the…er…’work’ I’ve done this morning to have coffee with Rob and listen to bouncy weird music.

Meant to write down the dream I had yesterday- it had Kay, Rob, Rachel and Nick in it, and focused around a small group of high school girls and their large amount of high quality cannabis. With which they knew nothing about. So Kay made a huuuuge load of cannabis chocolate using Rachels cooking chocolate which ended up tasting like a sick combination of weak chocolate and (what I imagine ) cold spooge 😛 (I don’t KNOW what that tastes like, I just*knew* what it was. Ick)
then their parents arrived but it turned out they were hippy types anyway.
We also tried to get Nick to get drunk/stoned because WE have to corrupt him FIRST, damnit! <:) I worry about myself. I write this down so I can analyse it later.. or just for the random bizzareness of it. NOTE - must send this music to Andrew

First entry

okay, I decided to start this thing as a combination of anti-productivity device and a way to let my friends know what I’m up to.

Currently? It’s a gorgeous day here in Exeter, a nice breeze coming through the window, my room is finally tidy… hmm.. I need to get with that sodding media computing report, I’ll get back to this later!

notes for a new aeon