Flying from Providence – thoughts from the Air

I’ve been doing a lot of flying in the last few years. I’ve noticed that especially when going over northern countries and being in the in-between realms of time zone and place, I can go into a slight trance and do some good meditation/sorting psychic material out. The words below came as I went from an amazing week with Blaze in CT back to California, via Minneapolis which interestingly enough is where the woman running the “journey of young women’ training lives.

I have to claim and note these times of clarity — I’m distilling out drops of my own substance right now, but it’s easy to pour fear into the vessel and completely cloud it and loose who I am again.


November 16th – flying from providence

I am the priestess of the gateways
I stand at the crossroads of time and potential
I give people choices and show them the way to return to themselves and life
Few will make that choice but each one who finds themselves ignited on the path of unfoldment adds celebration and joy to the world
‘I came that they might have life and have it in abundance’
I can still create magical spaces it doesn’t only have to be focused on sex
What if every part can be woven together? Perhaps that integration is part of my soul purpose
I have given myself to Life and it has meant gift AND sacrifice. The path I follow has unravelled into the woods, only my body and wits and senses can guide me forward now. I will no longer strive for or react to mind urges. I want to unfold my beautiful potent soul.  It is the art of life creating and dancing around me.
‘Every person is a star’. Each breath a miracle. The pulse of baphomet is eternal but each individual is a precious fractal spark reflected in life. I see and feel now the frailty of our bodies and minds – that some things we can not return from. That actions can shred and destroy relationships…in- action too can grind down what was vital into pale crumbs of shadow. I see that love is stronger than anything we know but the vessel can become clogged or torn or ruined.  The connections between us and within us need a level of care and nurturing.

I am the priestess of the gateways and i reveal possibilities even as the deepest mysteries can not be spoken of directly – only felt and experienced.  Laying them out for dissection can lead to ruin. Some things have to ferment and grow in the darkness.

I am an alchemist of life. Not content to live with lead I look for the gold. But alchemists know patience and the limits of the physical world the turn of seasons the failed experiments and the moments where nothing is decided. The choice is whether or not to keep exploring/experiment/ extracting drops of essence and distilling our own sense of meaning from the time we have. We will never be complete. That is part of the joy.

I will know the inner cycles of women and how to harness each wave of magic. I will reclaim the potency of my hormones and i will  be fuelled by the deep satisfaction of the Queen, full in herself and receptive to pleasure without chasing it.

The voice of heaven comes through the mind in crystal words and clear felt thought. The voice of the earth groans from our guts and hungers. In our hearts and fullness can we bring these worlds together?  Love is the most beautiful aspect of us and it is the Gateway and the Passage. It deserves to be in the centre point of life to be nourished and listened to, celebrated and enjoyed. It is a quality that can infuse every other emotion and aspect we have from the gentle smallest parts to the raging creature of destruction. Do not trivalise this. From love  comes all trust and tribe and support

I have chosen a life of Truth, Art, Love and Courage now. These are the principles and the compass. I seek to manifest a life of fullness freedom and enjoyment – for myself and for those around me. Keep hold of my choices and and my visions. Nothing but death is guaranteed.

“Magic do as you will!” Said the fumbling magician, and the unicorn became a woman.

How deeply do I dare to surrender into love and magic, to let in guide and shape my very form? We are each others gateways,  through love and yearning we have opened the way of transformation. The silence you feel is simply the unfoldment of space to allow new forms to emerge. Just use your principles to guide each moment,  the awareness of the priestess with her understanding that what is to follow can never be seen, the determination of the alchemist to transmute the world and self with careful risk, the heart soul of the  wolf who knows her place in nature and feels peace from the trees.
Your soul is gentle and fierce,  artful and wild. Ease into a greater life than you have allowed, let your beauty and vitality inspire and guide. You have spent enough time in the shadows now. Your tears and vulnerable heart, your capacity to hold all that is authentic, your courage to grow and reconsider,  your willingness to feel..These are your tools and weapons. Celebrate the woman you are, the tribe you love, your magical mate and the adventure still to come.